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Why not... actually I think the kinetic barriers would do very well at stopping a modern slug.

Well they stop the Paint chip sized slugs moving Stupidly fast. By Comparisn a .50 Round today is HUGE and slow.

If modern weapons could penetrate kinetic barriers with ease, humans would use them.

  • Thats what i thought. But what if Bio haden't thought of that?
  • in theory but there would be shells lying around= bruising maybe?
  • They used modern weapons in as a basis for some of their concepts... IDK if that is the same. Byrdology

The basic premise of the Mass Effect bullet system is described pretty well in the codex and in earlier games in the series. In ME1 gunfire is described as small shavings from a "clip" of metal being shaved off and then super-accelerated with a Mass Effect field. This is part of the explanation for there being no "ammo" in ME1 as you can have potentially thousands of tiny scrapes of metal coming off the one clip the size of a cell-phone. The ME field applied to the round gives them a) additional mass (With a positive charge applied as the Codex says in ME3 Codex-Technology-Mass Effect Fields) to turn a paint-chip sized slug into a modern day sized round once fired and b) additional speed, which is the main focus of the Mass Effect field, llike Sending the Normandy halfway across the Milky-Way or in this case, turning a stationary piece of metal into a piece of metal moving about 700 miles per hour like a modern bullet. If you accept the fact that the slugs are enlarged to Modern day size, then that fairly clearly shows modern day rounds would be stopped by a futuristic kenetic barrier.

Misseles are blocked by the Barriers pretty well and they're huge.

Kinetic Barriers would be effective unless ME slugs move much faster than modern rounds. If that was the case, then modern rounds would be very effective as anti-personnel rounds. However, they would be useless against armor and would go right through shields because the armor is so much thicker than today and shield wouldn't even trigger for the "slow" projectile. On a side note, where does it say how fast ME bullets go? ColosusX N7

If in Lair of the Shadow Broker Liara's biotic barrier protects her against shards of glass sent by Tela Vasir, I don't see why it shouldn't stop modern bullets. Kinetic barrier is similar to biotic, right? Will-O-Wisp

The reason i ask is that it says it's not alwayse on. And that ME ROunds being the size of paint chips have to be moving insanely fast to do any damage, That Modern bullets (Some moving Subsonic even) Would completly be ingored by shields, and the fact they can be made AP Ammo, would possibly shatter the Composite plates in armor.

^ Well technically speaking, Modern bullets would still be traveling pretty fast...even the subsonic rounds used by law enforcement. Unless the bullet takes like a few seconds to hit you at close range.....the Kinetic Barrier should protect you. Don't forget, a bullet still travels faster than a punch or a club / rifle butt, so the shields should kick in when the round is detected. Alpha-30

According to the codex the slugs are really small slugs accelerated to really high speeds. It also states that newtons 3rd law is still in effect, meaning the more force a bullet has hitting an opponent the more force is applied to the shooter, this is in the form of kinetic energy. because of newtons 3rd law the ME munitions have to have similar kinetic energy levels as modern bullets. (the equation fir KE is Ke= 1/2 m(mass)*v(velocity)^2). now the shields work by moving the objects from its current path, and because they have similar KE levels(Damn that Newton) the shields would mitigate them equally(means yes modern bullets would be effective against ME shields). Now against armor the ME rounds are moving significantly faster and have a much smaller area of impact making them much more likely to penetetrate but less likely to do significant internal damage, mordern weapons are less likely to penetrate armor but would tend to deal significantly greater damage to internal body parts. Vengence2210

I auctualy Understood that. But dosen't the Codex also say teh Guns use Mass effect feilds to drop teh allready Paint chip sized rounds, SO they have a miniscule amount of mass. And can be fired at Much Higher speeds. Huh. I just saw the flaw in my argument. Thanks for explaning everyone.

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